Customer Appreciation Sale

East Coast Firewood appreciates all of our customers and wants to provide an opportunity for new, or repeat, customers to utilize our premium kiln-dried firewood. During the month of February East Coast Firewood is offering 15% off on all delivery orders and 10% off on all pick-up orders. Just mention Chatham Chamber of Commerce Community Calendar when placing the order!


See description below for our kiln-dried firewood:

Kiln-Dried Firewood: Our kiln-dried firewood is primarily cut to around 15”-17” long and is typically 3”-6” in diameter. It is split, tumbled (which helps remove excess bark and debris) and then dropped directly into large steel baskets, where it undergoes an extensive kiln drying process.


The kilns are specifically designed for firewood, meaning they reach extremely high temperatures, which significantly reduces the moisture content of the wood and kills all potential mold spores and/or pests. Once the kiln cycle is completed the wood is stored indoors until it is either packaged or delivered to the customer…once split, it never touches the ground again until delivered to our customers. Because the kilns operate similar to large convection ovens the wood is consistently dried to a very low moisture content and, because it has not been exposed to the elements, it will look almost like newly split wood. It is extremely clean, USDA certified to be pest and mold-spore free, lights easily, and burns hot and consistent. It also produces significantly less smoke and ash, due to the low moisture content, which also reduces the amount of creosote (the black “ashy” looking byproduct created from wood-burning fires) buildup within chimneys and fireplaces, thereby reducing risks associated with chimney fires.


With that being said, we continuously have kiln-dried hardwood firewood available for deliveries and pick-ups. Based on our quality control measures and long kiln-drying cycle times, we are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this clean, hot burning, dry firewood product. Once split from log form into firewood sizes, it never touches the ground until delivered to you, the customer. Kiln dried firewood offers a truly “next-level” firewood experience. This firewood is perfectly safe for all fireplace, fire pit, chiminea and BBQ cooking usages.


Thank you and we look forward to meeting your firewood needs. Exceptional is the expectation.

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Feb 3 2021 - 7:00am - Feb 28 2021 - 5:00pm
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East Coast Firewood
Jason Hoyle
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East Coast Firewood
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840 Moncure Pittsboro Rd, Moncure NC 27559
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No Admission Fees
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