Chatham Food Hub

Chatham Food Hub

Serving Chatham County & surrounding areas


Primary Contact: 
Eleanor Wertman

About Us:

The Chatham Food Hub is a collaborative effort between partners from UNC, Chatham County nonprofits and government, and the NC State Agricultural Extension office. A food hub is a system through which multiple restaurants, caterers, and farms can sell products directly to consumers.  


Customers will order items from the Chatham Food Hub online and by phone, and orders will be distributed once a week at Bray Park in Siler City. We will pay restaurant workers from the local community to distribute orders. All revenues generated through Hub sales will be returned directly to participating vendors. Our online ordering platform will also include a donation option for folks to support local food pantries. Additionally, we will use the Chatham Food Hub as an avenue for distributing accurate, reliable information about coronavirus safety as well as local Chatham County resources and services.