Heartwood Pine Floors

Heartwood Pine Floors

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Moncure, NC 27559

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Heartwood Pine Floors

Specialist in the art of reclaimed heartpine since 1982.


Heartwood Pine Floors Inc is proud to offer you the finest lumber ever grown for your home. Since 1982, we have been carefully reclaiming the mighty timbers from eighteenth century industrial buildings destined for demolition.  


Beams cut from 400-year-old longleaf pines are recycled into antique heartpine flooring at our millwork in Chatham County NC and shipped factory direct to our customers. The old growth long leaf pine forests are gone now, but the beauty and durability of these ancient timbers lives on. 100% recycled and 100% American made, our product will add warmth, rich color and value to your home. Please visit our website or call us to learn more about our product and prices.