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Julie Boone Cummins, Eco-Broker/Realtor

I love Chatham County and don't just say that I am a Realtor. I have successfully represented both buyers and sellers for the past seven years and was lucky enough to be trained by the best and most experienced agents of our county, with over 50 years experience between the two of them. I chose to work for Chatham Homes, a local agency, because I think it is important to keep our local dollars local and support the place I call home. Chatham Homes has an incredible reputation of high ethics, and I get to work with other local agents who know the area inside and out.


I have worked with custom builders, high to low end resale homes, land investors, Horse folks and more. When marketing a home, I specialize in accentuating energy efficient features of the home and the uniqueness of each property. I enjoy selling land AND homes and have a serious interest in helping clients to find ways to "walk more carefully" on our precious land.


If you are thinking of looking into our incredible County, I would love to be the agent to show you!