Demographics and Statistics

The 2010 US Census reported 63,505 as the total population for Chatham County.  This is an increase of 28.7% since the total in year 2000.  


July 2019 Estimates 

   A.  Population Chatham County 74,470
   B.  Population breakdown by incorporated towns  
   a.  Siler City                                    8,225
   b.  Pittsboro 4,368
   c.  Goldston  301
   d.  Cary - predominantly in Wake County with a small                     number in Eastern Chatham County    Total Population: 170,282
   e.  Unincorporated towns


   C.  Population Breakdown by Race


          a.  White not Hispanic or Latino 

          b.  Black or African American 12.7%
          c.  Hispanic or Latino 12.3%
          d.  Other races 3.2%
2018 Estimates                      
   A.  Media Age  46.9
   B.  Median Household Income $63,531
   C.  Per Capita Income $39,299


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