Business Spotlight

Perch business for 7 years


Perch Coworking is a locally owned boutique office sharing space. Their flex space allows their members a place to collaborate, be productive, and form friendships.


Products or services offered 

Perch offers different membership options to best suit the needs of our community:


Office suites, dedicated desks, and communal bar memberships. All memberships have 24/7 availability and access to the conference room and soundproof phone booths, plus fast reliable WIFI.


Accomplishments most proud of...

Perch Coworking is most proud of the connections that their members have made with each other-from business to personal. They are also proud of the community that they have created for their members. 


Business tips for new or existing businesses from Betsy Elbogen, Perch Coworking Manager

  • Learn from your mistakes and make the necessary adjustments
  • Never lose site of your ultimate goal
  • Customer satisfaction/listen to all feedback/suggestions

Who played a key role in the success of Perch Coworking?

Per Betsy Elbogen, "My parents were influential instilling in me a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit."


Contact: Betsey Elbogen Phone: 919-260-5313