Demographics and Statistics

The 2010 US Census reported 63,505 as the total population for Chatham County.  This is an increase of 28.7% since the total in year 2000.  As you will notice below, less than 21% of the county's population live in the incorporated towns of the county. 


2010 US Census - Population  

   A.  Population - County   63,505  
   B.  Population breakdown by town    
   a.  Siler City                                        7,887  
   b.  Pittsboro     3,743  
   c.  Goldston       268  
   d.  Cary >  1,422 (largest part of Cary is in Wake County)
   e.  Unincorporated towns >50,000



2013 Estimates                         2014 Estimates
   A.  Media Age 44.8  
   B.  Median Household Income $57,091  
   C.  Per Capita Income $31,175  
   D.  Population - County 64,886 68,698
   E.  Population breakdown by town    
a.  Siler City 8,169   8,273
b.  Pittsboro 3,829   4,063
c.  Goldson 282      290
d.  Unincorporated towns >50,000  
   F.  Population breakdown by race    
a.  White alone    71.4%  
b.  African American alone  12.6%  
c. Hispanic or Latino    12.8%  
d. American Indian & Alaskan Natives alone     0.3%  
e.  Asian alone   1.4%  
f.  Some other race alone 0.2%  

g. Two or More Races



The above information was gathered from the US Census Bureau's website.  For more detailed demographics and statistics information, please click on the following:


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