Education/Leadership Program

The prosperity of its' members is of utmost importance to the Chatham Chamber of Commerce. We are pleased to offer our members educational and leadership opportunities to further advance their success.


  • Lunch & Learn


Lunch & Learn meetings are held on a quarterly basis at various locations throughout Chatham. Their is no charge for members to attend a Lunch and Learn, however members are responsible for the cost of their meal. The purpose of these meetings is to educate and inform our members on business issues that effect their business operations and success.

  • Leadership Chatham Program


The Chamber is dedicated to the support and promotion of business and to helping mold Chatham into a place that everyone is proud to do business and call home. With the expected growth for Chatham County, there will be more and more opportunities that arise. The demand for effective leaders will be crucial. Leadership Chatham, a signature program of the Chatham Chamber of Commerce, is an innovative program designed to develop informed, skilled and involved community leaders.


The Leadership Chatham program will take you on a journey through the social, cultural, political and economic makeup of our community. Access to existing community experts will yield firsthand knowledge of critical issues facing Chatham County.   Read more...


For more information about the  Leadership Chatham Program, please review the  Leadership Chatham Brochure. 


Supporters and Sponsors of the Leadership Chatham Program:  

Carolina Meadows & Duke Energy - Scholarship Sponsors

Duke Energy - Graduation Sponsor

Chatham Transit - Transportation Sponsor

Governors Club - Opening Reception





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